72 Social Work

Introduction to Social Work

This book was written by MSW students to provide an overview of topics in social work, including in child welfare, health, criminal justice, and services to the elderly.

Includes: Terms lists, case studies

Rural and Northern Social Work Practice: Canadian Perspectives

This book highlights the contextual foundation of social work practice with rural and northern communities by addressing the importance of place using anti-oppressive perspectives.

Includes: Practice competencies

Foundations of Social Work Research

Introductory text on research methods in social work. Reviews are available.

Includes: Practice behaviour index, key takeaways, glossary, list of links by chapter, accessibility rubric

Scientific Inquiry in Social Work

This social work text covers introductory concepts in scientific inquiry with a social work perspective, from ethics to sampling. Reviews are available.

Includes: Instructor resources, student resources, summaries, real-world applications

Guidebook for Social Work Literature Reviews and Research Questions

Short guidebook providing an overview of literature-based research in social work.

Includes: List of links by chapter, accessibility rubric

Principles of Social Psychology

This social work text has been positively reviewed. It covers introductory concepts in social psychology. Reviews are available.

Includes: Index, glossary, exercises

Child Maltreatment: An Introductory Guide with Case Studies

This guide provides an overview of the different types of abuse, including signs to look for when a child is being abused or neglected. Legal responsibilities to identify and report suspected child abuse are also presented. This resource also contains case studies with interactive questions that allow for theory to be applied to practice.

Rural and Northern Social Work Practice: Canadian Perspectives

This edited volume was developed at the University of Regina for undergraduate social work students.

Includes: Reflection questions, activities

Graduate research methods in social work: A project-based approach

This textbook is aimed at graduate-level social work students. It provides an introduction to the research process, with a focus on ethics and values. It has been reviewed.

Includes: Glossary, workbook, quiz bank, sample assignments

Human behavior in the social environment: Vol I and Vol II

This discusses biopsychosocial, sociocultural, and social change dimensions of behaviour, as well as information on human development from the prenatal period through late adulthood. Reviews are available for volume I and volume II.

Includes: Recommended videos

Immigrant and refugee families: Global perspectives on displacement and resettlement experiences, 2nd ed.

Offers an interdisciplinary perspective on immigrant and refugee families, including the areas of economics, politics, health, and human rights. Reviews are available.

Includes: Case studies, videos

Understanding Homelessness in Canada: From the Street to the Classroom

This textbook covers homelessness in a multidisciplinary way. Please note that while this resource is free to use and redistribute, it is not licensed for editing.

Includes: Real life scenarios, interactive activities, key takeaways, videos, student research ideas

A Toolkit for Teaching Communication Skills in Social Work

This toolkit features 5 videos with transcripts and a teaching guide.

Diversity and Difference in Communication

This text explores the ways in which difference and diversity impact on the nature of communication in health and social care services.

Open Social Work

This website was created collaboratively by a social work professor and social work librarian to support open education. It includes a list of open textbooks, and a list of open access books.

Social Work Books

Though not textbooks, these Open Access books may be useful for teaching. Please note that while they are free to use and redistribute, most are not licensed for editing.

Reciprocal Relationships and Well-being: Implications for Social Work and Social Policy

This book includes chapters from Canada, the US, the UK, Finland, and Austria. It provides an overview of social policy and social care practices relevant to reciprocity. Please note that while this resource is free to use and redistribute, it is not licensed for editing.

Decolonizing Pathways towards Integrative Healing in Social Work

This text considers integrative healing from the decolonizing perspective, drawing from the traditional knowledge and stories of Indigenous peoples.

Includes: Discussion guide

The Service User as a Partner in Social Work Projects and Education

This anthology describes projects and courses in which service users have been involved.

Social Work, Sociometry, and Psychodrama: Experiential Approaches for Group Therapists, Community Leaders, and Social Workers

This text focuses on the intersection of social work with psychodrama, discussing how this approach can be used in trauma-informed practice.


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