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Understanding Music: Past and Present

This is a peer-reviewed open Music Appreciation textbook co-authored by music faculty across Georgia. The text covers the fundamentals of music and the physics of sound, an exploration of music from the Middle Ages to the present day, and a final chapter on popular music in the US. Reviews are available.

Includes: Audio/video clips, glossary

Foundational Sight Singing

Foundational Sight Singing was created to provide a systematic approach to learn to read, hear and perform music. The ordered presentation of both melodies and rhythms in this text helps students develop accuracy and fluency in sight singing. Multiple exercises are provided for drilling and practice at each level throughout the text to grow the students’ fluency and proficiency in reading and performing pitch and rhythm.

Fundamentals, Function, and Form: Theory and Analysis of Tonal Western Art Music

This text provides its readers with a comprehensive study of the theory and analysis of tonal Western art music.

Includes: Audio files

Open Music Theory

This book is an interactive, online “text” book for college-level music theory courses.

Includes: Interactive music-notation modules

Music: Its Language, History and Culture 

The chapters in this book contain definitions and explanations of musical terms and concepts, short essays on subjects related to music as a creative performing art, biographical sketches of major figures in music, and background information on music from different periods and locations. Reviews are available.

Includes: Instructor and student resources

Music Appreciation I and Music Appreciation II

Based on the Lumen Learning course, Music Appreciation, this online book is designed to give the student an appreciation of music by exposing them to many musical styles, composers, historical trends, as well as increasing their aural, verbal, and writing skills in describing music.

Includes: Question banks

Understanding Basic Music Theory

A concise introduction to the fundamentals of music theory. Reviews are available.

Classical Music: Contemporary Perspectives and Challenges

This collection reflects on classical music as it advances through the twenty-first century. With insights drawn from leading composers, performers, academics, journalists, and arts administrators, special focus is placed on classical music’s defining traditions, challenges and contemporary scope. Although this book is free to read and reuse, it is not licensed for editing or remixing.

Music Theory for the 21st-Century Classroom

Music Theory for the 21st–Century Classroom is an openly–licensed online four-semester college music theory textbook. This text differs from other music theory textbooks by focusing less on four–part (SATB) voiceleading and more on relating harmony to the phrase.

Includes: Video with embedded start and stop times, homework assignments, practice tests


The International Music Score Library Project, or Petrucci Music Library, includes over 200,000 scores which are either public domain or shared freely by the composer.


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