9 Environmental Design

Community Resilience to Climate Change: Theory, Research and Practice

This book is meant to accompany a graduate or upper-level undergraduate class in climate change resilience, adaptation, and/or planning.

Includes: Reading lists, student exercises and classroom activities

Introduction to Design Equity

This book maps design processes and products against equity research to highlight the pitfalls and potentials of design as a tool for building social justice. Reviews are available at the Open Textbook Library.

Building Green

Building Green explores the experience of environmental architects in Mumbai, one of the world’s most populous and population-dense urban areas and a city iconic for its massive informal settlements, extreme wealth asymmetries, and ecological stresses.

Creating Healthy and Sustainable Buildings

The open access book discusses human health and wellbeing within the context of built environments. It provides a comprehensive overview of relevant sources of literature and user complaints that clearly demonstrate the consequences of lack of attention to health in current building design and planning.

Sports Stadiums and Environmental Justice

This book explores the local environmental impact of sports stadiums, and how that impact can disproportionately affect communities of color. Offering a series of review articles and global case studies, it illustrates what happens when sport organizations and other public and private stakeholders fail to factor environmental justice into their planning and operations processes.


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