57 Actuarial Studies

Risk Management for Enterprises and Individuals

This book provides a broad overview of risk management. Reviews are available through the Open Textbook Library.

Includes: Key takeaways, discussion questions, review

Statistical Foundations of Actuarial Learning and Its Applications

This book discusses the statistical modeling of insurance problems, a process which comprises data collection, data analysis and statistical model building to forecast insured events that may happen in the future. It presents the mathematical foundations behind these fundamental statistical concepts and how they can be applied in daily actuarial practice.

Risk Quantification and Allocation Methods for Practitioners

This in-depth study provides quantitative tools to better describe qualitative issues, as well as clear explanations of how to transform recent theoretical developments into computational practice, and key tools for dealing with the issues of risk measurement and capital allocation.

Loss Data Analytics

This open textbook is the first product of the Open Actuarial Textbooks Project and created by the actuarial community.

Includes: Case studies, exercises, R code

Pandemics: Insurance and Social Protection

This open access book collects expert contributions on actuarial modelling and related topics, from machine learning to legal aspects, and reflects on possible insurance designs during an epidemic/pandemic.

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