66 Chemistry

Introductory Chemistry Texts

Introductory Chemistry, 1st Canadian ed

This text is an adaptation of David W. Ball’s Introductory Chemistry open textbook. It was adapted by Jessie A. Key at Vancouver Island University as part of the B.C. Open Textbook Project. Reviews are available. Reviews are available.

Includes: PowerPoint slides, exercises, solutions, examples, summaries

Chemistry: 2e (OpenStax)

This peer reviewed textbook comes with extensive instructor and student resources, much like many commercial textbooks. It has been adopted extensively. Reviews are available.

Includes: Instructor resources, exercises, solutions, simulations, glossaries

Chemistry: Atoms First 2nd Edition (OpenStax)

This peer reviewed textbook was developed by chemistry professors from the OpenStax textbook listed above, to accommodate the authors’ “atoms first” approach to teaching introductory chemistry.

Includes: Instructor resources, exercises, solutions, simulations, glossaries

First Year General Chemistry

This textbook was developed for a first year Chemistry course at Queen’s University.

Includes: Embedded videos, exercises

General Chemistry: 1 and 2

Open interactive course that covers all topics typical of first and second semester Chemistry.
Includes: Activities

Chemistry LibreTexts

A collection of open textbooks, assignments, and other educational resources on chemistry subjects.

Includes: Supplemental modules, exercises, ancillary materials

CLUE: Chemistry, Life, the Universe and Everything

This textbook was designed to focus on thoughtful scaffolding of concepts that students need to understand in order to success in a general chemistry course. Reviews are available through the Open Textbook Library.

Includes: Reflection questions

The Basics of General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry

This text is appropriate for a one-semester introductory chemistry class.

Includes: Comprehension questions

Organic Chemistry Texts

Organic Nomenclature 101

This resource was developed by a faculty member from the University of Ottawa. It is an interactive way to learn organic chemistry nomenclature.

Includes: Interactive quiz, practice questions

Virtual Textbook of Organic Chemistry

Authored by William Reusch at Michigan State University, this interactive textbook covers the usual topics treated in a second year course. Links are offered to advanced discussions of selected topics.

Includes: Practice problems

Organic Chemistry I

An open textbook that is suitable for the first semester of Organic Chemistry. Basic concepts of the structures and reactivities of organic molecules are covered in this open textbook. Besides the fundamental discussions of organic acids-bases, stereochemistry, IR and NMR, this book also includes the topics of substitution and elimination reactions, radical substitution of alkanes, preparation and reactions of alkenes and alkynes.

Includes: Practice questions and answers

Organic Chemistry, 10th edition

Dr. McMurry will be releasing the 10th edition of his popular textbook, which has until now been published by Cengage, as an OER through OpenStax in time for Fall 2023 classes.

More Chemistry Texts and Tools

Analytical Chemistry 2.1

Written by David Harvey of DePauw University, this 2016 update to Analytical Chemistry 2.0 is well reviewed and adopted. Reviews are available.

Includes: Key terms, problems, practice exercises

Key Elements of Green Chemistry

This text was designed for an introductory course in green chemistry. It has been reviewed at the Open Textbook Library.

Includes: Review questions

Chemistry and the Environment: A Chemistry Perspective for Discussion of Environmental Issues

This is an adaptation of an OpenStax textbook. The adaptation was done locally by a University of Winnipeg instructor and includes an accompanying workbook.

Includes: End of chapter exercises, illustrations, chemist profiles

Environmental Toxicology

This peer reviewed textbook was developed by a team from 6 Dutch universities in a modular fashion to facilitate adaptation. Reviews are available through the Open Textbook Library.

Includes: End of chapter exercises

Thermodynamics and Chemistry, 2nd ed

This is designed for a 1-semester course in classical chemical thermodynamics. Reviews are available.

Includes: Solutions manual, biographical sketches, appendices

Chem Collective

Includes: Virtual labs, scenario-based learning activities, tutorials, concept tests
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