23 Global Political Economy

Principles of Political Economy, 3rd Ed.

This text contains many of the same topics as mainstream textbooks, but it includes and takes very seriously heterodox critiques and alternatives to the mainstream approach to economics. It includes a whole range of alternative theories, including Post-Keynesian, Austrian, Marxian, radical, feminist, institutionalist, and other approaches. Following Wolff and Resnick, an even broader objective is to teach students that economics is a discourse and that no single voice can rightfully claim to have a monopoly on the truth about economics. Reviews are available.

Includes: Key terms, summaries, review problems

Globalization and Labour in the Twenty First Century

This globalization text has been positively-reviewed. It covers introductory concepts in globalization and the human condition, from capitalism to labour in the twenty-first-century.

Includes: Instructor resources, student resources, summaries

Critical Perspectives on Migration in the Twenty-First Century

This migration text has been positively-reviewed and has been successfully adopted by other faculty. It covers concepts in 21st-century migration, from human rights to the 2015 migrant crisis.

Includes: Instructor resources, student resources, summaries.

Race and Rurality in the Global Economy

From multiple viewpoints the contributors to this volume propose ways of understanding the ongoing processes of globalization that configure peoples and places via a politics of rurality in a capitalist world economy, and through an optics of raciality that intersects with class, gender, identity, land, and environment.

Globalization and Capitalist Geopolitics

In a period of increasing geopolitical insecurity and economic instability this title provides a commentary on debates on capitalism and globalization in the wake of the financial crisis.

Sugar and Servitude: The Taste of Color

This module provides resources for teaching about the artistic practice of Kara E. Walker and its interrogation of whiteness and race. Materials also support teaching an overview of the history of the production, consumption, and meanings of sugar, particularly as that history has contributed to the Transatlantic slave trade and continues to depend upon coercive labor practices in the U.S. and globally. Included is a list of artworks produced by Walker that touch specifically on sugar and links to videos of the artist describing aspects of her practice; academic and literary texts that can inform students’ ability to read Walker’s complex visual texts; discussion questions and classroom activities to further their engagement with the material; and ideas for culminating projects.

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