10 Architecture

Basic Concepts of Structural Design for Architecture Students

This book narrates fundamental concepts of structural design such that they have minimum involvement with math problem-solving. It covers different types of loads, forces and vector addition, the concept of equilibrium, internal forces, geometrical and material properties of structural elements, and rules of thumb for estimating the proportion of some structural systems such as catenary cables and arches, trusses, and frame structures.

Includes: Video links, topics for critical thinking

Interior Materiality

This book forms a comprehensive resource for the “hows” and “whys” surrounding the functional and aesthetic contributions of a wide selection of materials and finishes used in multiple spatial design contexts.

Includes: Video links

Nature of Geographic Information

The purpose of this text is to promote understanding of the Geographic Information Science and Technology enterprise.

Includes: Activities

Spatial Thinking in Planning Practice: An Introduction to GIS

The goals of this textbook are to help students acquire the technical skills of using software and managing a database, and develop research skills of collecting data, analyzing information and presenting results.

Better by Design? Architecture, Urban Planning, and the Good City

Though not a textbook, this open access book explores the intellectual roots of the design professions, showing how architects, planners, and other designers have traditionally interpreted their roles and implemented their ideas in cities across North America and the UK.

Modernity and Housing

Peter Rowe explores the social, cultural, and expressive history of housing at two crucial moments: the first large-scale developments along modernist lines in the 1920s, and the widespread reconsideration of modernist principles in the 1970s.

GIS & Data Visualization Workshops

This series of workshops for UM students and researchers cover GIS and data visualization topics.

Includes: Activities


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