30 Medieval and Early Modern Studies

The Ancient and Medieval World

This introductory text is organized in a modular format, with a general introduction to each topic, a timeline and relevant maps, several primary documents to help students to better understand the time period, and at least two visual or audio sources to add a different dimension to that understanding.

Includes: Questions for consideration, glossary

Making the Medieval Relevant

This volume presents a number of essays that demonstrate the fertility and originality of recent work in Medieval Studies. Their approaches reflect how interdisciplinary methodologies applied to Medieval Studies have potential repercussions and value far beyond the boundaries of the Middles Ages. These chapters demonstrate the value of medieval research to our own times, both in terms of providing answers to some of the specific questions facing humanity today and in terms of much broader considerations.

New Perspectives on the Medieval ‘Agricultural Revolution’

Presenting bioarchaeological research from the Feeding Anglo-Saxon England project, along with insights into ploughing technology, brewing, the nature of agricultural revolutions, and farming practices in Roman Britain and Carolingian Europe, this volume is a contribution to environmental archaeology and medieval studies.

Manuscripts Online: Written Culture 1000 to 1500

This resource is a collection of manuscripts with introductions. Please note that while free to use, the material on this site are typically not licensed for editing or remixing.

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