39 Biosystems Engineering

Bio-Inspired Sensory System

This book provides an introduction to proven bio-inspired designs. The focus is on sensory systems that interpret environmental stimuli. It introduces natural photo-, mechano-, and chemo-sensory systems across the animal kingdom and summarizes engineering ideas derived from these natural sensory systems.

Introduction to Biosystems Engineering

This text is written for university-level introductory courses in Biosystems Engineering. Written by an international team of authors, the book is divided into six sections aligned with technical communities within Biosystems Engineering: Energy Systems; Information Technology, Sensors, and Control Systems; Machinery Systems; Natural Resources and Environmental Systems; Plant, Animal, and Facility Systems; and Processing Systems.

Includes: Learning outcomes; examples

The Primacy of the Public 

This book presents a framework for engineering and technology ethics focused around three core ethical principles: the principle of welfare, the autonomy principle, and the fairness principle. To support this framework, the book begins with an examination of multiple perspectives we may take on engineering and technology, all of which support the centrality of ethical analysis and evaluation.

Includes: Cases and activities

Engineering Computations

This resources consists of 5 modules which develop students’ skills with Python in Jupyter: Get Data Off the Ground, Take Off with Stats, Tour the Dynamics of Change and Motion, Land on Vector Spaces, and Transform All the Waves.

Basic Engineering Data Collection and Analysis

This book uses scenario examples and case studies to illustrate concepts. This approach encourages students to work through the material by carrying out data collection and analysis projects from problem formulation through the preparation of professional technical reports—just as if they were on the job.

Open Textbooks for Engineering

A list of Engineering textbooks assembled by the Engineering Library Division of the American Society for Engineering Education. See in particular the Agricultural Engineering section.

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