70 Physics & Astronomy


University Physics Volumes 1-3

Volume 1 covers: mechanics, waves and acoustics

Volume 2 covers: thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism

Volume 3 covers: optics, modern physics

University Physics: OpenStax was developed by professors of physics and has been successfully adopted. It emphasizes the connection between application and theory. Reviews are available for volume 1, volume 2, and volume 3.

Includes: Instructor resources, student resources, examples, exercises, solutions, summaries, simulations


This Lumen Learning covers all of the concepts of first-year physics with a balance of application and theory.

Includes: Problem-solving guides, examples, videos, applications, problems, selected solutions, summaries

College Physics

This introductory, algebra-based, two-semester college physics book is grounded with real-world examples, illustrations, and explanations to help students grasp key, fundamental physics concepts. Reviews are available.

Includes: Learning objectives, concept questions, links to labs, simulations

Spiral Physics

Spiral Physics is a research-based introductory physics curriculum developed at Monroe Community College. It integrates text and workbook activities in a modular fashion, and arranges topics so that students receive repeated exposure to concepts with increased complexity.

Includes: Activities

Body Physics: Motion to Metabolism

This text covers introductory biophysics concepts, including body forces, body heat, and body composition measurement. Reviews are available.

Includes: Summaries, exercises, solutions, applications, and examples.

Introductory Physics: Building Models to Describe Our World

This is an open-access textbook for calculus-based introductory physics courses. The textbook is specifically intended for a flipped-classroom approach, wherein students complete readings at home and the material is then discussed in class.

Includes: Reinforcement activities, key terms and concepts

All Things Flow: Fluid Mechanics for the Natural Sciences

This book began as lecture notes for an Oregon State University course in fluid mechanics, designed for beginning graduate students in physical oceanography. Because of its fundamental nature, this course is often taken by students outside physical oceanography, e.g., atmospheric science, civil engineering, physics and mathematics.

Includes: Exercises

Relativity Lite: A Pictorial Translation of Einstein’s Theories of Motion and Gravity

Relativity Lite translates the mathematical equations conventional relativity texts rely upon into pictures that are readily understood and contain within them the mathematical essentials.

Applications of Maxwell’s Equations

This book was developed at Simon Fraser University for an upper-level physics course. Along with electricity and magnetism, it devotes a chapter to ferromagnets.

Includes: Problems and answers

University Physics I: Classical Mechanics

This is a “minimalist” textbook for a first semester of university, calculus-based physics, covering classical mechanics (including one chapter on mechanical waves, but excluding fluids), plus a brief introduction to thermodynamics. It has been reviewed.

Includes: Summaries, examples, problems


Astronomy (OpenStax)

This astronomy text has been positively-reviewed and has been successfully adopted by other faculty. It covers introductory concepts in astronomy, from astronomical instruments to the evolution of galaxies. Reviews are available.

Includes: Instructor resources, student resources, applications, summaries, exercises, solutions, group activities



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