63 Jazz Studies

The Public Domain Song Anthology

This is a collection of 348 popular songs with modern and traditional harmonization. This resource was curated by two leading jazz repertory experts and consists of songs in the US public domain.

Includes: Lead sheets

Make It New: Reshaping Jazz in the 21st Century

This work profiles a number of modern jazz performers.

Includes: Interviews

The Global Politics of Jazz in the Twentieth Century

This book examines the development of jazz outside America, including across diverse historical periods and geographies – shedding light on the effectiveness of jazz as an instrument of state power within a global political context.

Free Music Archive

This collection includes public domain and Creative Commons licensed sound recordings.

Smithsonian Jazz Oral History Program

This collection comprises interviews and interview transcripts from over one hundred jazz musicians, relatives, and associates. Note that these materials are free to access but not freely licensed unless otherwise indicated.

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