64 Biochemistry

The Basics of General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry

This peer-reviewed open textbook was developed to suit a one-semester General, Organic and Biological Chemistry course. Reviews are available through the Open Textbook Library.

Includes: Test questions following examples, end-of-chapter exercises

Concepts of Biology, 1st Canadian Edition 

This textbook was designed as an introductory biology course for non-science students. It has been successfully adopted and it was written by professors of biology. Although this is a biology textbook, the chapters on the cellular foundation, cell division, genetics, molecular biology, biotechnology may apply to the field of biochemistry.

Includes: instructor resources, student resources, simulations, summaries, exercises, solutions.

Human Biochemistry

This is a comprehensive text meant for university-level biochemistry courses covering topics such as cellular structure, lipid structure, carbohydrate, DNA, binding, transport, kinetics, metabolism, catalysis, oxidation, and signal transduction. There are links and references for further investigation and chapter-based questions. This largely imitates commercial biochemistry textbooks.

Includes: Simulations, exercises, solutions, critical thinking questions

Biochemistry: Free for All, v. 1.3

This introductory textbook offers a broad overview of topics typically covered in a first year biochemistry course. Reviews are available through the Open Textbook Library.

Includes: Practice exams, slides

Chemical Biology & Biochemistry Laboratory Using Genetic Code Expansion Manual

This lab manual is designed for graduate students. Reviews are available through the Open Textbook Library.

Organic Chemistry with a Biological Emphasis, Vol 1, Vol 2

This pair of textbooks was designed for a 2nd year course in organic chemistry with a focus on biological chemistry. Reviews are available through the Open Textbook Library (volume 1, volume 2).

Includes: Exercises, problems

JSME Molecule Editor

This tool is a free molecule editor written in JavaScript.

LibreTexts Biological Chemistry

This collection of resources makes up a section of the Chemistry Library, which is a collaboration among multiple institutions to create and gather resources for teaching chemistry.

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