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Nursing Pharmacology

This peer reviewed American text was made by several contributors in the Wisconsin Technical College System. It explains basic concepts of pharmacology and describes common medication classes.

Includes: Practice questions, critical thinking activity, answer key, glossary, interactive images

Clinical Procedures for Safer Patient Care

This resource was produced by nursing faculty at BCIT. This text serves a supplementary resource for information about how to perform clinical procedures. The format of the text includes video demonstrations, flowcharts, and checklists to ensure high compliance to protocol. The topics covered include: infection control, patient assessment, patient positioning, wound care, oxygen therapy, medication administration and tubal attachments.

Includes: Critical thinking exercises, flowcharts, video demonstrations, glossary

Community Library: Nursing

This collection comprises learning scenarios for a variety of nursing situations, including mental status assessment, medication administration, and dementia care.

Creative Clinical Teaching in the Health Professions

This peer reviewed text was authored by 3 nursing faculty at Athabasca, in collaboration with various healthcare professionals from many institutions across Canada. The text is centered around patient care activities such as challenging their unconscious assumptions about a patient’s race, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status and evaluation of learning.

Includes: exercises and critical thinking questions.

Nursing Care at the End of Life: What Every Clinician Should Know

Published by SUNY with the goal to foster the necessary skills for nurses to provide compassionate care to individuals who are nearing the end of life and families who are or have experienced the loss of a loved one. This text covers effective interpersonal communication between the patient and clinician at the three stages; anticipation, in the moment, and afterwards. The text provides a basic foundation of death and dying, including models of care and evidenced based approaches.

Includes: Examples, Online resources

The Complete Subjective Health Assessment

This text was developed by Ryerson University. The textbook deconstructs the categories of the complete subjective health assessment, providing learners with explanations and examples of what constitutes relevant subjective data. This textbook provides an opportunity to learn how to respond to normal, abnormal, and critical findings when completing a complete subjective health assessment. Topics covered include: Subjective Health Assessment, Cultural Safety, and Care Partners

Includes: Quiz, glossary

Multi-Course Case Studies in Health Sciences

While not specific to nursing, this resource is a collection of interconnected multidisciplinary case studies. They have been designed to be used in multiple undergraduate courses so that students can return to them over time from different perspectives and with increasing complexity.

Includes: Family tree, resources for each case study

Health Case Studies

This resource was produced by BCIT’s nursing faculty. It features 8 case studies on a variety of health conditions at various time points. Each case study includes the patient narrative or story that models best practice (at the time of publishing) in healthcare setting.

Includes: Case studies

Nursing: Mental Health and Community Concepts

Mental health and community health concepts are discussed while emphasizing stress management techniques, healthy coping strategies, referrals to community resources, and other preventative interventions. Nursing care for individuals with specific mental health and substance use disorders is examined, and the nurse’s role in community health needs assessments and caring for vulnerable populations is introduced.

Northern and Indigenous Health and Healthcare

This resource has been created by the University of the Arctic Northern Nursing Education Network (NNEN) which includes twelve nursing schools in Canada, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Russia. It is meant to fill the gap of northern and Indigenous health care needs. It provides content on health and health care from a northern perspective for the growing number of health professionals being educated in northern communities. It focuses on community health, social determinants and structural impacts on northern and Indigenous health, culture and health, innovations in northern healthcare, and professional practice in northern and Indigenous communities.

Includes: Reflection questions, case studies

Vital Sign Measurement Across the Lifespan – 1st Canadian Ed

This text was developed by Ryerson University. The purpose of this textbook is to help learners develop best practices in vital sign measurement. Using a multi-media approach, it will provide opportunities to read about, observe, practice, and test vital sign measurement.

Includes: Videos, problem sets, solutions, flowcharts, printable flashcards

Supporting Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities & Mental Illness

This multidisciplinary resource develops topics of interest to all those who care about and for individuals with co-occurring intellectual disabilities and mental illness. Each chapter presents current evidence informed practice knowledge. Each topic is also presented with audio enabled text boxes emphasizing ‘Key Points for Caregivers.’ For those who are interested in background knowledge, there is a comprehensive literature base provided.

Includes: Audio book, online tools, research studies

Leadership and Influencing Change in Nursing

This text was developed by various nursing professionals in Saskatchewan and Canada. The goal was to provide student nurses with the foundational knowledge to meet the leadership challenges found within the ever-changing Canadian health care environment. There is significant indigenous specific content and cultural appropriate practices. Other topics covered include: ethics, managing conflict, evidence informed decision making, labour relations, and nursing leadership.

Includes: Case studies, exercises, activities, research extensions, flowcharts

Leadership for Nurses in Clinical Settings

This textbook on leadership is designed for a graduate level nursing course.

Includes: Activities, summaries

Handbook of eHealth Evaluation: An Evidence-based Approach

This text was created at University of Victoria. This handbook presents the science and practice of eHealth evaluation based on empirical evidence gathered over many years within the health informatics discipline. The handbook describes different approaches used to evaluate the planning, design, implementation, use and impact of eHealth systems in different health settings. It also provides a snapshot of the current state of knowledge on the consequences of opting for eHealth systems with respect to their effects and implications on provider performance and health outcomes.

Includes: Figures, case studies

Interpreting Canada’s 2019 Food Guide and Food Labelling for Health Professionals

This resource was created by Ryerson and York University. It covers the legal requirements of food labelling, how to interpret recommendations, and how to integrate the food guide into the nursing process with specific focus on the role of social determinants of health as it relates to the food guide and the nursing process.

Includes: Practice questions, glossary, figures

Literature Reviews for Education and Nursing Graduate Students

This peer reviewed text for graduate students focuses on nursing related literature reviews. The topics covered range from developing a research question to locating and evaluating sources to writing a sample literature review using appropriate publication guidelines.

Includes: Practice questions, online resources

Vaccine Practice for Health Professionals: 1st Canadian Edition

This text was created primarily for nursing students. It is intended to guide best practices in vaccine delivery in Canada. This textbook provides information related to clinical practice, including the administration of vaccines, and communication with clients.

Includes: Videos, case studies, practice questions, glossary, figures

Public Health Ethics: Cases Spanning the Globe (Barrett, Dawson, Ortmann)

This resource was authored by researchers at the CDC, the University of Sydney, and the Pan American Health Organization. It covers global public health ethics.

Includes: Cases

The Scholarship of Writing in Nursing Education: 1st Canadian Edition

This resource was created by Ryerson University, designed for students in undergraduate nursing programs.

Includes: Videos, podcasts

Documentation in Nursing: 1st Canadian Edition

This open access textbook is intended to guide best practices of documentation in the nursing profession. This resource is designed for students in undergraduate nursing programs, and addresses principles of documentation, legislation associated with documentation, methods and systems of documentation, and key trends in the future of documentation.

LGBTQ+ Healthcare: Your Guide to Building an Inclusive Practice

This module presents case studies from LGBTQ+ health interactions to assist practitioners in understanding how to approach healthcare with this community.

Field Trials of Health Interventions: A Toolbox (Smith, Morrow, & Ross)

This book, in its third edition, was published by Oxford University Press. It covers trail design, ethical considerations, governance, grant applications, community engagement, statistics, data management, and reporting.

Includes: Checklists, index

Pulling Together: Manitoba Foundations Guide (Brandon Edition)

Authored by the Manitoba Foundations Group, it is the first Manitoba adaptation of an open professional learning series developed for staff across post-secondary institutions. This resource does not focus on nursing or health, but rather is intended to support professional learning of staff and students. Its focus is on the Brandon area.

Includes: Glossary, videos, activities, reflection questions

Introduction to Communication in Nursing

This textbook was created for nursing students at Ryerson University.

Includes: Glossary, activities

Cultural Resources for Community Nursing

This text discusses cultural competency and safety in nursing practice.

Virtual Healthcare Experience

This portal provides healthcare students and professionals with an experiential learning opportunity for practising client care in a safe virtual environment. Here students can access a number of simulation experiences that will engage them in clinical decision making.

Health History Interview: Virtual Gaming Simulation

This virtual gaming simulation was created by a team at Toronto Metropolitan University for undergraduate nursing students.

Includes: Instructions for the game

Urban Health: A Practical Application for Clinical Based Learning

Urban Health: A Practical Application for Clinical Based Learning is an openly licensed, peer-reviewed textbook for clinical-based nursing educators covering barriers in urban health and their impact on patient health outcomes. The authors explore perspectives of urban communities, urban patients, and urban healthcare providers to offer insight into how healthcare providers can address disparities in urban healthcare, provide meaningful care with the lived experiences of urban patients in mind, and improve patient-provider communication by moving towards a more solution-driven, team-based care approach.

Includes: Learning activities, case studies

Clinical Anatomy

This project was created by a team at UBC.

Includes: Videos, interactive modules, atlases, interactive visualizations

Open RN Virtual Reality Scenarios

This grant funded American project is in the process of creating 25 Virtual Reality scenarios.

Includes: Virtual reality

Nursing Skills

This peer reviewed American textbook was created as part of the Open RN project, and meant to cover physical assessments performed by RNs.

Includes: Learning activities, glossary

Maternity Series

This module contains four units and three simulations on the essentials of maternal and newborn nursing assessment and care.

Gynecological Assessment

This resource includes four online gynecological assessment learning modules in combination with virtual knowledge checks that will help articulate an approach, demonstrate techniques of examination, identify and diagnose disorders, and develop an evidence-based plan.

Open at Scale Nursing OER project

This environmental scan was conducted in 2019 by eCampus Ontario and a research team at the University of Windsor and Western University. The team performed extensive searches for resources which would meet the College of Nurses of Ontario’s five organizing competencies, and assessed them for their suitability for use. A report shares more details of the project.


Comprehensive Midwifery: The role of the midwife in health care practice, education, and research: An interactive guide to the theory and evidence of practice

This textbook was written by professors in McMaster’s midwifery program.

Includes: Glossary, case studies

Learning Primary Midwifery Care

Learning Primary Midwifery Care is a package of three online learning modules for midwifery learners and teachers developed by the Ryerson University Midwifery Education Program in collaboration with faculty partners from Laurentian and McMaster Universities.

Includes: Quiz


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