3 Animal Science

Introductory Animal Physiology, 2nd Ed.

This book is an introduction to the diversity of structure and function in animals at the tissue and organ system level. The focus of this book is on principles and mechanisms that sustain life and maintain homeostasis, including water balance, gas exchange, acquisition and transport of oxygen and nutrients, temperature regulation, electrical and chemical signal transmission, sensory processing, and locomotion. The content in this open textbook was adapted from other open textbooks.

Includes: Self-check questions, discussion concepts, activities, multimedia content

A Guide to the Principles of Animal Nutrition

In this introductory textbook six fundamental nutrients, including their structure, digestion, and metabolism, are covered. A brief introduction to bioenergetics, feed additives, nutrient analysis, digestive organs and processes in monogastric and ruminant animals, and methods for assessing nutrient utilization are also included.

Includes: New terms, key points, review questions

Judging and Evaluating Dairy Cattle

This resource is meant to introduce the basics of dairy cattle judging.

Includes: Videos

Reindeer Husbandry

This book describes the rapid changes in the Arctic and their effects on Indigenous reindeer herders, including how traditional knowledge can be used to build resilience.

Pests, Weeds and Diseases in Agricultural Crop and Animal Husbandry Production

This book highlights some of the most recent research and practical approaches with respect to emerging pest challenges in agricultural crop and animal husbandry production. The chapters cover the entire spectrum of plant and animal protection science focusing on insect pest control, weed management, herbicide application and food safety, animal pest control, and livestock disease identification.


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