62 Performance

Innovation in Music: Performance, Production, Technology and Business

This essay collection covers new developments in standard practice of sound design, engineering and acoustics. It also reaches into areas of innovation, both in technology and business practice.

Knowing in Performing: Artistic Research in Music and the Performing Arts

This book describes dynamic processes of artistic knowledge production in music and the performing arts. Please check the table of contents to find chapters in English.

A Musicology of Performance: Theory and Method Based on Bach’s Solos for Violin

This book presents a musicological framework for studying musical performance, focused on violin performance.

Playing to the Crowd: Musicians, Audiences, and the Intimate Work of Connection

Playing to the Crowd explores and explains how the rise of digital communication platforms has transformed artist-fan relationships.

The Chamber Musician in the Twenty-First Century

This text discusses chamber music and the chamber musician aims to explore the psychological, social, cultural, historical, and artistic issues in the practice of classical chamber music in the twenty-first century.

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