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CanLII contains legal cases and legislation, and includes a growing number of books, journals, and articles.

Legal Literacy: An Introduction to Legal Studies

This text provides an introduction to law in terms of its structures, processes, language, and modes of thought, supported by examples from cases and statutes.

eAccess to Justice

Part I examines claims that technology will improve justice system efficiency with an emphasis on the complicated relationship between privacy and transparency. Part II examines the implementation of technologies in the justice system and the associated challenges and emphasizes that these technologies should be implemented with care to ensure the best possible outcome for access to a fair and effective justice system. The chapters in Part III adopt the standpoints of sociology, political theory and legal theory and provide a unique and valuable framework for thinking with the required sophistication about legal change.

Law, Privacy and Surveillance in Canada in the Post-Snowden Era

From the effectiveness of accountability and oversight programs to the legal issues raised by metadata collection to the privacy challenges surrounding new technologies, this book explores current issues torn from the headlines with a uniquely Canadian perspective.

Law and the “Sharing Economy”: Regulating Online Market Platforms

The rapid expansion of sharing economy platforms has generated enormous controversy. Law and the “Sharing Economy” closely examines the challenges that arise from this phenomenon with regard to labour, market, technology and regulation through a legal and interdisciplinary lens. The controversy stems partially from the economic impact—most acutely in certain sectors such as Uber vs taxi drivers and Airbnb vs hotels—and partially from other related consequences such as a trend toward precarious work or an impact on real estate speculation.


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