2 Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics

Agribusiness Management 101

This open textbook is intended for an introductory course.

Includes: Learning outcomes

The Economics of Food and Agricultural Markets, 2nd ed.

This book was written for applied intermediate microeconomics courses and features many real world examples.

An Interactive Text for Food and Agricultural Marketing

This interactive text is intended to provide students with a broad understanding of the economics of food and agricultural markets, and assumes an understanding of algebra and microeconomic principles that would be covered in a typical introductory economics course.

Includes: Lecture slides, interactive figures, problem sets

Agricultural Input Subsidies: The Recent Malawi Experience

Agricultural input subsidies were a major feature of development policies in rural economies until the 1980s. Continuing rural poverty with low productivity and fertilizer use in smallholder staple crops has led to their resurgence in Africa. This book reviews current theory and evidence on the strengths and weaknesses of these programmes and the effects of programme context, design, and implementation.

Socioeconomics of Agriculture

Part of the Springer Briefs in Economics series, this text applies the concept of socioeconomics to the sector of agriculture.

An Interactive Text for Food and Agricultural Marketing

This text introduces agricultural marketing for upper-level agribusiness students.

Includes: Interactive demonstrations, problem sets


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