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Principles of Pharmacology – Study Guide

This text was created by the University of University of Minnesota by a professor in the Department of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology. This text is a succinct guide of fundamental pharmacology topics such as; drug receptor interactions, classification of receptors, responses to stimulation, signal transductions, and autonomic nervous system

Includes: Flowcharts and related scientific terminology charts

Public Health in Pharmacy Practice: A Casebook, 2nd ed.

Public Health in Pharmacy Practice: A Casebook is a collaboration of over thirty-five experts in public health pharmacy. The twenty-one chapters cover topics relevant to pharmacy applications of public health: cross-cultural care, health literacy and disparities, infectious disease, health promotion and disease prevention, medication safety, women’s and rural health and more. Each chapter contains learning objectives and an introduction to the topic, followed by a case and questions. The chapter closes with commentary from the authors and patient-oriented considerations for the topic at hand.

Pharmacy Management & Leadership Learning Through Case Studies

This Casebook is a compilation of cases to help the student pharmacist apply critical thinking, problem solving, and decision-making to common administrative-related challenges seen in pharmacies.

Safe Pharmacy Simulation / Expérience de la Pharmacie Sécuritaire

The Safe Pharmacy Simulation game is an open educational resource (OER) developed by a team of interprofessional educators to promote employment integration of internationally educated health professionals by building their work readiness skills. It provides learners of any profession working in a medication dispensing setting with opportunities to develop and apply safety-focused best practices for processing and dispensing medications.

Vaccine Practice for Health Professionals, 1st Canadian ed.

This open access textbook is intended to guide best practices in vaccine delivery in Canada.

Multi-Course Case Studies in Health Sciences

While not specific to pharmacy, this resource is a collection of interconnected multidisciplinary case studies. They have been designed to be used in multiple undergraduate courses so that students can return to them over time from different perspectives and with increasing complexity.

Includes: Family tree, resources for each case study

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