42 Mechanical Engineering

Basic Engineering Science: A Systems, Accounting, and Modeling Approach

This textbook is based on a paradigm that emphasizes the common, underlying concepts of engineering science. By focusing on the underlying concepts and stressing the similarities between subjects that are often taught as unconnected topics, this approach provides engineering students a foundational framework for recognizing and building connections as they travel through their education.

Includes: Problems, practice questions

A Guide to MATLAB for Mechanical Engineering

This textbook provides an introduction to the MATLAB programming language for first-year mechanical engineering students. It acts as a supplement to in-class learning that is presented at a level that is understandable to a student with no experience coding.

Material Science and Engineering

This textbook provides a brief overview of materials science, including common material types and polymers.

All Things Flow: Fluid Mechanics for the Natural Sciences

The textbook covers fundamentals of basic flow processes, emphasizing on vortices, waves and hydraulic jumps.

Intermediate Fluid Mechanics

This book builds on introductory fluid mechanics. It is not meant to be an in-depth study of potential flow or viscous flow, but is meant to expose students to additional analysis techniques for both of these categories of flows.

Engineering Mechanics for Structures

This text discusses the mechanics of solids and statics, material strength, and elasticity theory.

Introduction to Linear, Time-Invariant, Dynamic Systems for Students of Engineering

The textbook covers the dynamic behavior of physical systems, with some emphasis on simple mechanical and electrical systems representative of or analogous to those often encountered in aerospace and mechanical engineering. Reviews are available.

Includes: Homework problems

Applied Strength of Materials for Engineering Technology [PDF]

This algebra-based text is designed specifically for Engineering Technology students, using both SI and US Customary units. All example problems are fully worked out with unit conversions. Updated each semester using student comments, with an average of 80 changes per edition.

Includes: Appendices

Strength of Materials Supplement for Power Engineering

This work complements the Applied Strength of Materials for Engineering Technology by Barry Dupen and is used in teaching Strength of Materials to Power Engineering students at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Includes: Problems and answers

Engineering Statics: Open and Interactive

This peer reviewed textbook was originally written for an Engineering Mechanics statistics course. Reviews on the Open Textbook Library.

Includes: Exercises, interactive figures, key questions, appendices

The Primacy of the Public

This short text is on engineering ethics.

Includes: Reflection questions, key themes

Open Textbook Library Mechanical Engineering Texts

The Open Textbook Library gathers major open textbooks from other sources, with clear criteria as to what is included. This list contains materials identified as related to mechanical engineering.

Simulation Modeling and Arena, 3rd Ed.

Discrete-event simulation is an important tool for the modeling of complex systems. Simulation is used to represent manufacturing, transportation, and service systems in a computer program to perform experiments on a computer. Simulation modeling involves elements of system modeling, computer programming, probability and statistics, and engineering design. Simulation Modeling and Arena, by Dr. Manuel Rossetti, is an introductory textbook for a first course in discrete-event simulation modeling and analysis for upper-level undergraduate students as well as entering graduate students. The text is focused on engineering students (primarily industrial engineering); however, the text is also appropriate for advanced business majors, computer science majors, and other disciplines where simulation is practiced. Practitioners interested in learning simulation and Arena could also use this book independently of a course.

Includes: Examples, summaries, exercises

Introduction to Engineering Thermodynamics

This textbook was developed at UBC. It has been reviewed.

Includes: Activities, chapter reviews, glossary

Basic Engineering Data Collection and Analysis

This book uses scenario examples and case studies to illustrate concepts. This approach encourages students to work through the material by carrying out data collection and analysis projects from problem formulation through the preparation of professional technical reports—just as if they were on the job.

MERLOT Mechanical Engineering 

MERLOT indexes OER from many other sources. Their Mechanical Engineering category includes a variety of material types, including textbooks.

Open Textbooks for Engineering: Mechanical Engineering

The Engineering Library Division of the American Society for Engineering Education has gathered open textbooks for Mechanical Engineering.

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