Working in Groups

This resource from the University of Saskatchewan outlines some strategies for successful group work.

When working with a group, it is especially important to plan our your assignment and make a plan.  This video from the Learning Curve will guide you through that process.

Tips and Tricks for Working in Groups

  • Decide in advance if you’re going to make decisions by majority, consensus, or group leader:
    • majority decisions are decided by voting, with the most people making the decision;
    • consensus decisions mean that everyone has to agree on the decision;
    • a group leader making the call means one person will make the decision.
  • Elect each group member to take on a specific role within the group. This is a great opportunity to play to each member’s skills and strengths.
  • Take notes during your group meetings:
    • include the date, names of group members in attendance, and what is discussed in the meeting;
    • end the meeting with action items, and record who will do what and by when.
  • Decide together what your group’s idea of success looks like, such as getting the best mark you can, getting it in on time, or being original. Having a shared goal and clear expectations can help you come together as a team.


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