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Use Your Resources

Journey by Anthony Ledoux from Noun Project

In addition to developing strategies for succeeding in your academic and future professional careers, you will find that this course will outline the resources you may need to obtain more tools or refuel your desire to continue along this pathway. No one succeeds at anything by oneself. The features related to resources will certainly help you find ways to fill up your toolkit of information.

  • Get connected: Despite its ability to distract us from the work we need to do, technology can help you accomplish your day-to-day tasks with relative ease. This feature offers suggestions for apps and websites that can help you build skills or just keep track of due dates.
  • Move forward: The skills and habits you are building now will not only support you in successfully completing your college program, but they can also be applied to your future roles in industry and your community. This feature is designed to help you dig deeper into the chapter content and refine your research skills. It also asks that you find ways to connect what you are learning now to your life and career.

All of these features, in addition to the content, will help you see yourself for who you are and provide opportunities to develop in ways that will make reaching your goal a little easier. Will it be challenging at times? Yes, it will. Will it take time to reflect on those challenges and find better ways to learn and reach your goals? Most definitely. But the effort you put into completing your college education will result in the confidence you will gain from knowing that anything you set your mind to — and work hard for — can be accomplished.


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