File Sharing Sites

Caitlin Munn; Josh Seeland; and KC Bateman

You may come across sources of information that present themselves as ethical and appropriate for college, even when they are not. A example of this is academic file sharing websites. Generally, a file sharing website is a platform that allows users to upload and share files with other users. These files can include anything from documents and images to music and videos. Academic file sharing sites are websites that allow users to share academic materials such as course handouts, textbooks, assignments, papers, and tests. In this way, academic file sharing sites are used to facilitate academic misconduct, such as by providing students with access to answer keys or papers written by others. This is considered academic misconduct. In an effort to prevent use of academic file sharing websites, ACC blocks their use on campus.

file sharing by DinosoftLabs from Noun Project (CC BY 3.0)

Academic file sharing sites can also come with significant risks. One major risk is that many of the materials shared on these sites are copyrighted, and sharing them without permission from the copyright owner can result in legal consequences. In some cases, academic file sharing sites may be shut down by authorities or taken offline due to copyright infringement.

Another risk of academic file sharing sites is that they may contain malware or other security threats. Users who download files from these sites may inadvertently download viruses or other malicious software onto their devices, which can compromise their security and privacy.

Lastly, academic file sharing sites may not always provide accurate or trustworthy information. Users should be cautious when relying on information found on these sites, as it may not come from reputable sources.


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