I.M. Well Student Assistance Program

I.M. Well is a free counselling program available to all students from all campuses and their immediate family members. I.M. Well provides 24/7 counselling services for mental, emotional, physical, and financial health.

I.M Well is a completely confidential service that provides students and their families with immediate assistance when they need it most. These services are available to individuals, couples, or families and can be provided in person, via email or video calls, or by telephone. This service will also be made available to recent graduates of ACC.

Three Ways to Access I.M. Well

I.M. Well Website

The I.M. Well website is a great one-stop shop for resources that are useful to you, available from any browser. This also includes live chat, an online text-messaging alternative to speak with a master’s-level counsellor. This service is free for all ACC students, as well as recent alumni. Click here to learn more about I.M. Well (Student VIP Website)

I.M. Well Mobile App

The I.M. Well app has all of the same resources as the website and also has an easy access button to call a master’s-level counsellor right from your smartphone. The I.M Well app is available on both Google Play and the iTunes store.

Toll-Free Number

If you want to contact the Student Assistance Program (SAP) directly and speak with a master’s-level counsellor right away, you can use their direct line here: 1-877-554-6935 (or 1-877-55-IMWELL).


I.M. Well provides a wide variety of services for students. There are many reasons you might want to access the SAP, including:

• academic stress (time management, working with groups);
• relationships (couples counselling, roommate difficulties);
• personal issues (crisis situations, legal or other personal issues);
• physical and mental health (depression, fitness);
• financial concerns (budgeting, managing debt).

You can also request to speak with a counsellor in over 180 languages, so if you prefer to speak to someone in a language other than English, please let them know when you contact them.

Contact Us

If you still have any questions or if you require further information on I.M. Well, please contact the Students’ Association at accsa@assiniboine.net. 


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