Stinking Thinking

Brandy Robertson and Sheryl Prouse

People can also plan to avoid pitfalls of stinking thinking. Stinking thinking happens when we only focus on what we can’t do. That thinking stops us from moving on to what we can do. Instead of stinking thinking, try out linking thinking.

  • Think of something you completed in school that you were proud of:
    • What was it?
    • Why was it better than other things you did?
  • Hold that image and imagine yourself walking through the scene in your mind:
    • What strategies worked for you?
    • Did you use different time management, note-taking, or reading strategies?
    • Did you feel healthier? What does that look like?

Noticing what works for you and make a plan to consistently use those strategies. Linking thinking will help you to achieve your personal and academic goals.



Micro Wellness: Appreciate Yourself

Take a moment to reflect on your day so far with a focus on the small tasks you have already accomplished. You accomplished getting out of bed, right? Tell yourself, “Good job!” Think about all of the small (or large) tasks you’ve already completed today (like this module!). Perhaps you would benefit from writing those tasks down. In some way, acknowledge your ability to do those things.



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