Health and Wellness

This page explores the effects of digital habits on your mental and physical health. Included here are tools and techniques for examining personal digital use, identifying warning signs, and employing mitigating techniques.

Please note that this page provides information only. We do not provide medical or other professional advice. If you require advice, you need to speak with an expert.


  • Check your desk: Assess your workstation area with the Ontario Ministry of Labour’s Guide:  Computer Ergonomics: Workstation Layout and Lighting.  Small changes can make a big difference in your comfort.
  • Sleep tech-free: Limiting tech use at bedtime will help you get a better sleep, so you can feel good and be productive in the day. Experts recommend that you eliminate smartphone use in the hour before bed, and avoid charging your phone in the bedroom.
  • Get mindful with your mobile: Is real life passing you by while you check your phone and scroll endlessly? Taking a day or two to track your mobile habits will illuminate any areas of concern. We’ve got lots of tips to help you here.

Digital Health and Wellness Assessment: Are your digital habits affecting your well-being? Complete this activity to find out.

How Does Technology Affect Sleep?: Good sleep hygiene is critical for academic performance, productivity, mood, mental health, physical fitness, and more. Some technology habits severely disrupt our sleep patterns and can cause cumulative sleep deprivation.


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