Information Literacy and the Library

Caitlin Munn; Josh Seeland; and KC Bateman

The ACC Library is informed by the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL)

In working with staff and faculty, we tailor our information literacy content to what you are learning as an ACC student.                                     
We also look to the Conference Board of Canada, and their employability skills for all fields which can be found here.
These skills include the following:

    • locate, gather, and organize information using appropriate technology and information systems;
    • access, analyze, and apply knowledge and skills from various disciplines (such as the arts, languages, science, technology, mathematics, social sciences, and the humanities);
    • adapt to changing requirements and information;
    • seek different points of view and evaluate them based on facts.

Your Library Connection

Academic libraries like the ACC library offer support to students in a variety of ways — different than what you may have experienced in a public or school library. Beyond lending you books, ebooks, and DVDs that relate to your assignments and areas of study, the ACC library also helps you develop academic skills such as academic integrity, researching, information literacy, and citing.

Furthermore, the ACC library provides a selection of online tools, curated and created by library staff, that will help you to successfully complete your studies. You’ll see library staff both in the library and in your classrooms (in person and online) with the goal of helping you succeed. Whether you’re working on campus or from home, the library is here to help you!

Program Library Guides

The librarians at ACC have worked hard to find the information that will be helpful to you as a student, based on your program and area of study. These library guides are a great place to start if you need to find information for a project or assignment, or if you’re looking to learn more on a topic.

Why not take a couple of minutes to look at the Program Library Guides for your program, and see which resources could be useful to you?


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