Title Statement & Project Contributors

Thank you to all of the writers and contributors to the guides. We asked writers to share a phrase from their Indigenous languages on paddling or pulling together:

Maamawi-bimiskaadaa (let’s all paddle together) – Anishinaabe (Ojibway)

Mamawi Pimiskatan (paddling together) – Cree Language

Wiikoopitamihk Aswaambl – Michif Language

The Manitoba Foundations Group decided to retain the main title of the guide produced by BCcampus in order to honour their good work and to make it easier for those searching for this particular resource to find the various adaptations that are available. In the subtitle, we struggled with the name “Manitoba.” On the one hand, it is a name applied to a bordered area created through colonization. On the other hand, it is a name that has been adapted from Indigenous language and, as has been observed, was suggested by Louis Riel himself—acclaimed Métis leader and founder of the Province of Manitoba.

Manitoba: The most common and widely accepted source of the name is from the Cree words ‘manitou’ (Great spirit) and ‘wapow (sacred water)’, or the Ojibway word ‘Manito-bau’. These names refer to the narrows of Lake Manitoba, where waves dashed against rocky shores of Manitou Island. These sounds were thought to be sacred beats that dashed throughout Creation and created beauty, definition and meaning. It is the voice of the Great Spirit, Manitowapow (Sinclair & Cariou, 2011, pp. 4–5).

Thank you to the Cultural Diversity and Awareness Steering Committee, Campus Manitoba, Assiniboine Community College, and Brandon University. Knowledge Keepers, Elders, faculty, and staff offered their precious time and energy to guide this project. Your expertise, gifts, and generosity are deeply appreciated.

Project Contributors

Brielle Beaudin-Reimer, Louis Riel Institute
Michelle Bessette, Michif, Brandon University
Crystal Bunn, Dakota, Assiniboine Community College
Kris Desjarlais, Mashkode Makwa, Director of Indigenous Education, Assiniboine Community College
Alyssa Desrochers, Assiniboine Community College
Joan Garbutt, Settler Descendant, Brandon University
Jason Gobeil, Animbiigoo Zaagi’gan Anishinabek First Nation, Brandon Community Member
Deidre Gregory, Anishinaabe, Brandon University
Janet Kanayok, Manitoba Inuit Association
Emery Knight, Anishinaabe, Artist
Chris Lagimodiere, Métis, Brandon University
Leah LaPlante, Manitoba Métis Federation
Velvet Maud, Métis, Dept. of Native Studies, Brandon University
Carley McDougall, Campus Manitoba
Renée McGurry, Pinaymootang First Nation
Susan McPherson Derendy, Cree Knowledge Keeper
Lorraine Pompana, Dakota Knowledge Keeper
Brent Rosnoski, Knowledge Keeper
Cecil Roulette, Assiniboine Community College
Kaitlin Schilling, Campus Manitoba
Stephanie Spence, BUCARES
Grace Stone, BUCARES
Deborah Tacan, Cree Métis Grandmother
Ben Welsh, Assiniboine Community College
Dylan Woodcock, Campus Manitoba
The Manitoba Flexible Learning HUB
Rebus Community: Textbook Success Program



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