Opportunity # 1: Policies, guidelines, and support staff at your institution

One opportunity to engage with copyright proactively is centred around policies, guidelines, and support staff at your institution.

A copyright policy outlines the institution’s approach to copyright compliance and provides guidance to employees on the use of copyrighted materials. It can help to ensure that employees understand their responsibilities and reduce the risk.

Developing policies and guidelines can involve consultation with legal counsel and other experts in copyright law to ensure that they are comprehensive, clear, and in line with current laws and regulations. By implementing policies and guidelines for the use of copyrighted material, the institution can create a culture of respect for copyright and promote the ethical and legal use of copyrighted material.

Part of college and university policy will specify if the institution or employee holds intellectual property or copyright to the employee’s work for the institution.

  • Intellectual property is a broad concept that encompasses various types of creations. In Canada, this covers trademarks, patents, trade secrets, and industrial designs.
  • Copyright is also one type of intellectual property, protecting fixed expressions of written, musical, dramatic, artistic, and other works.

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Personal Reflection

Do you have a copyright policy at your college or university?

Is there a copyright office, officer, librarian, or other designated support staff member?

Who holds copyright or intellectual property to work at your institution?


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