Module Summary

Intellectual property elements and padlock

Congratulations on completing the Building Copyright Literacy online module!

Through this module, you have:

  • gained a deeper understanding of copyright law as it applies to your role at a post-secondary institution in Manitoba;
  • learned how to differentiate between protected and non-protected work based on the Canada Copyright Act;
  • discovered various ways to ensure your activities are compliant with Canadian copyright law, and;
  • identified opportunities to engage with copyright proactively at your institution.

As the world continues to experience rapid growth in online information and technology, copyright law has become increasingly important in avoiding infringement on the rights of others and protecting the work of yourself and your institution. This module has equipped you with the knowledge and skills necessary to start navigating the sometimes complex world of copyright law in Canada.

We hope that you will continue to apply this knowledge in your work at your institution, promoting a culture of integrity, respect, and innovation throughout Manitoba.


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