Copyright Literacy in the Context of Your Role at a Post-Secondary Institution

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Lists of 21st-century literacies often include information, digital, financial, health, and critical literacies, among others.

In the context of this module, copyright literacy is the ability to understand and apply copyright law to your work as a post-secondary institution employee. Being aware of the laws and regulations that govern the use of copyrighted materials in Canada is helpful. These laws and regulations are what inform the related policies and practices of your college or university.

There are many aspects of copyright literacy, including:

  • the legal framework of copyright;
  • the use of learning materials in face-to-face or online learning environments, and;
  • the use of learning materials for research purposes.

Understanding and interpreting copyright law is an important skill for instructors and faculty, researchers, librarians, and support staff who work with copyright materials. Manitoba’s colleges and universities are home to hundreds of professionals who possess a wide range of training, support, guidance, and expectations related to copyright.


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Personal Reflection

What does copyright mean to you in the context of your role at a post-secondary institution?


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