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    What is Generative AI?

    What is Generative AI? What are some key terms to know? This chapter explores: the origins and evolution of artificial intelligence; the meaning of key terms like AI, generative AI, large language model, and machine learning; the recent proliferation of new AI tools, and some ways they have impacted education.   AI has a long Read more »

    Assessment and Rubric Development

    How can AI tools assist with assessment and rubric development? This chapter explores how AI tools can: assist with creating assessment questions based on supplied prompts or materials; generate project topics and assessment scenarios; help to develop rubrics. Developing Assessments AI tools can help to develop assessments that are closely connected to learning outcomes, performance Read more »

    Supporting Students to Use AI Effectively

    What do students need to know to prepare them for using AI tools in the classroom? This chapter explores how to: learn how to use an AI tool through experimentation and research; evaluate and adapt AI outputs for real-world use; differentiate between ethical and unethical use of AI tools. Teaching Effective Use of AI Interacting Read more »

    Generative AI Tools for Education

    Which AI tools could be useful for educators? This chapter explores: leading AI chatbots and their relative strengths and weaknesses; other applications that may be useful in education, like text-to-image and audio-to-video AI tools. Multipurpose AI Tools Several multi-use AI chatbots have practical uses for instructional staff. Click through the following slides to learn the Read more »

    About This Book

    This Open Educational Resource (OER) was produced for educators who wish to find positive and productive ways to incorporate generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools into their work. This includes: using AI tools to develop courses, lesson plans, activities, assessments, and rubrics; leveraging AI tools to enhance existing in-class activities and assignments; teaching students how to Read more »

    Capabilities and Limitations

    What can AI tools do well, and what are their limitations? This chapter explores: general capabilities and uses of generative AI tools; weaknesses and limitations of AI tools; benefits and drawbacks of AI tools in education. While each generative AI tool has specific functionalities, some common capabilities include: Creating text: prose, poetry, dialogue, code. Providing Read more »