18 Central and East European Studies

Migration and the Ukraine Crisis: A Two Country Perspective

This book focuses on the 2014 Ukraine crisis and the war for Crimea, covering introductory concepts in migration studies, from geopolitical fault-lines to labour migration.

Decoding the 1920s: A Reader for Advanced Learners of Russian

Prereading assignment, preparatory written assignments, discussion and textual analysis, supplementary assignments. Reviews are available at the Open Textbook Library.

Includes: Pre-reading assignment, preparatory written assignments, discussion and textual analysis, supplementary assignments

“The Death of Ivan Ilich”: An Electronic Study Edition of the Russian Text

The Russian text of “The Death of Ivan Ilich” is presented for study in various formats: accompanied by an English translation; fully glossed, with explanatory and interpretive annotations; and supplemented by introductory remarks.

Includes: Extensive bibliography

A Foundation Course in Reading German

This textbook guides a learner who has no previous German experience to accurately understand formal written German prose. Reviews are available through the Open Textbook Library.

Includes: Unit review practice

Modernism and the Spiritual in Russian Art: New Perspectives

This essay collection introduces new and stimulating approaches to the ongoing debate as to how Russian artistic modernism engaged with questions of spirituality in the late nineteenth to mid-twentieth centuries.

Reading Backwards: An Advance Retrospective on Russian Literature

This edited volume employs the paradoxical notion of ‘anticipatory plagiarism’ as a mode for reading Russian literature.

Twentieth-Century Russian Poetry: Reinventing the Canon

The canon of Russian poetry has been reshaped since the fall of the Soviet Union. A multi-authored study of changing cultural memory and identity, this revisionary work charts Russia’s shifting relationship to its own literature in the face of social upheaval.

Ukraine in Conflict: An Analytical Chronicle

Through a series of articles written between 2013 and 2017, this book examines Ukraine during its period of conflict – from the protests and uprising of Euromaidan, to the Russian annexation of Crimea and the outbreak of war in Ukraine’s two eastern provinces Donetsk and Luhansk.

Lifestyle in Siberia and the Russian North

This essay collection explores the concept of lifestyle from a distinctly anthropological perspective. Showcasing the collective work of ten experienced scholars in the field, the book goes beyond concepts of tradition that have often been the focus of previous research, to explain how political, economic and technological changes in Russia have created a wide range of new possibilities and constraints in the pursuit of different ways of life.

Women in Nineteenth-Century Russia: Lives and Culture

This collection of essays examines the lives of women across Russia – from wealthy noblewomen in St Petersburg to desperately poor peasants in Siberia – discussing their interaction with the church and the law, and their rich contribution to music, art, literature and theatre.

Great Power Policies Towards Central Europe 1914–1945

This essay collection provides an overview of the various forms and trajectories of Great Power policy towards Central Europe between 1914 and 1945. The volume is designed to be accessible and informative to both historians and wider audiences.

Politics and the Environment in Eastern Europe

Arranged in three sections, with case studies from Czechia, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Serbia, this collection develops anthropological views on the processes and consequences of the politicisation of the environment.

Archives of Historical and Ethnographic Yiddish Memories

The Archives of Historical and Ethnographic Yiddish Memories includes approximately 800 hours of Yiddish-language interviews with 350 individuals, most of whom were born between 1900 and 1930. The interviews were conducted in Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, Hungary, and Slovakia.

Nexus of Patriotism and Militarism in Russia: A Quest for Internal Cohesion

This edited volume explores patriotism and the growing role of militarism in today’s Russia. During the last 20-year period, there has been a consistent effort in Russia to consolidate the nation and to foster a sense of unity and common purpose. This volume provides new insights into the evolution of enemy images in Russia and the ways in which societal actors perceive official projections of patriotism and militarism in the Russian society.

The Palgrave Handbook of Digital Russia Studies

This open access handbook presents a multidisciplinary and multifaceted perspective on how the ‘digital’ is simultaneously changing Russia and the research methods scholars use to study Russia. It provides a critical update on how Russian society, politics, economy, and culture are reconfigured in the context of ubiquitous connectivity and accounts for the political and societal responses to digitalization.

The Other Russia: Local experience and societal change

Most recent research seeks to explain contemporary changes in Russia by analysing the decisions of Russian leaders, oligarchs and politicians based in Moscow. This book examines another Russia, one of ordinary people changing their environment and taking opportunities to provoke societal changes in small towns and the countryside.

Memory Politics in Contemporary Russia: Television, Cinema and the State

This book critically examines the role of cinema and television in shaping and spreading narratives of memory politics in contemporary Russia to provide a better understanding both of the various ways the Russian government practices memory politics, and the existence of alternative and critical voices and criticism.

 Modernisation in Russia since 1900

This essay collection examines the broad theme of modernisation in late imperial, Soviet, and post-Soviet Russia both through general overviews of particular topics, and specific case studies of modernisation projects and their impact.

Results of the Revolutionary Movement in Russia during a Period of 40 Years (1862-1902)

This book, published in Geneva in 1903, is number 24 in a series of 43 titles produced in 1902−4 by the social democratic organization Zhizn’ (Life) as “The Library of the Russian Proletariat.” The book is a compilation of documents, including programs, manifestoes, and articles, related to the Russian revolutionary movement in 1862−1902.


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